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You've found your way to the sustainable graphic design blog. Over the coming months you will find an increasing number of articles and resources directed towards achieving sustainability and sustainable best practice in graphic design.

Why sustainable graphic design?
As humanity has shifted from the industrial age to the information age the predicted end to all of the worlds problems hasn't transpired.
Political and economic instability is a global occurrence and poverty and famine still affect a huge number of people at this very moment. Just check out todays international news for a snapshot of the global insanity.

Many people predict that we are moving into a time where three major factors will directly affect our future:

Many of the problems associated with these factors are based on the limited number of resources available to us.

As a graphic designer, what can I do?
Everyone has a part to play in this co-dependant game called "life".  Graphic designers are well placed as they are creative, resourceful people who have the ability to shape the perceptions of their clients and society at large through their designs, marketing and delivery strategies.

We have all heard the following three ideas of sustainability:

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle

Therefore in the regular posts at the Sustainable Graphic Design Blog we'll cover how these can be achieved in practice.

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