Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wine Bottle sustainable design

Now in full production - the global re-design of wine bottles. 
The Lean and green wine bottle is designed to reduce the carbon footprint of glass bottles. They have been  designed to create durable, yet lighter weight bottles that are thinner but still appear the same to consumers. These bottles are upt to 28% lighter and made from 90% recycled glass!

This is more sustainable for the following reasons:
  • Less glass per bottle
  • Less energy and water used during manufacturing
  • More bottles per pallet
  • Cheaper to transport
  • Less material to dispose of or recycle
It's interesting that the research shows that the main design asthetic is the height of the bottle not the width.  Therefore these bottles are the same height but are a little slimmer to give the same appearance but using less material.
Next time you pick up a bottle of plonk - look around to see if you can spot the Lean and Green logo.